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What inspired this journey was my children's multiple food allergies. Allergy Eatables helps us be conscious of food allergies, while still enjoying tasty food.

Allergy Eatables is serving allergy friendly snacks here in Windsor, Ontario. We believe in taking traditional recipes and substituting the ingredients to make them allergen free, making them in house, and serving fresh to our customers at a fair price.
We currently offer takeout only but eventually would like to start selling our products in grocery chains around Canada and worldwide.
Allergy Eatables would like to personally invite you to try one of our allergen free snack items for yourself.

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Who is behind Allergy Eatables?

Sadia Malik

Hi! I am Sadia, mom of two kids and food blogger at Limitless Allergies. My motivation to start the food blog was the multiple food allergies that my kids have and the overwhelm that I felt when I first encountered food allergies. I share recipes that are allergy friendly - dairy, egg, wheat, fish, nuts, some lentils, and vinegar free.

At first I was overwhelmed with what to cook for my kids as they had so many allergies but over the years I learned how to adopt everyday recipes to suit our dietary needs. Having gone through this for the past 14 years I understand how overwhelming and challenging it can be, so I decided to share the recipes I have tweaked to suit us and which are loved in our household. I wanted to take away that feeling of overwhelm and instead inspire people on what to make when you are just starting out on this journey.

Now I am bringing some of these recipes for you to try at Allergy Eatables. I wanted to bring the allergy friendly snacks that my kids enjoyed to wider food allergy community.


"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today" - Tim Fargo

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Allergen Training for the Food Service and Food Retail Industry

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